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The Black Dog Coffee Roaster is already proudly supporting 3 outlets in Edinburgh, and a number of other businesses, through provision of top quality coffee. We are always, of course, looking for additional opportunities to work with cafes, shops and other businesses. We adopt a friendly and collaborative approach and seek to build positive working relationships with our customers and clients, finding terms that are suitable both to us and to the people with whom we work.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the provision of coffee and/or support for your business.

Ground Coffee
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Nick Mortimore

Kiva Van Coffee

I had the great fortune to meet Colin in the very early days of Black Dog Coffee Company and was his first customer. I ran (pre covid) a mobile coffee company and he was instrumental in improving my customer base markedly and the reaction to the new coffees on offer was wonderful. Colin takes great care to source a rich variety of beans and they are all roasted with enormous care and respect and I have learned an amazing amount from him since our first meeting. I love trying new coffees often from countries I had no idea even produced beans. I was immensely proud to sell Black Dog Coffee and can’t recommend him highly enough.

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